Lets Milk Some Nuts…

good morning, its shley:thirty! ⏰

almond post 2

two months ago while binge watching IFBB Pro Courtney King’s YouTube channel, i came across how she makes almond milkΒ  (perfect channel if you’re into learning effective workouts and gut health πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ fyi). i was inspired to craft my own.

warning: you will not go back to store bought almond milk.

here’s what i do :


〰️2c. of nuts (i do a mix of almond and cashews)

〰️6c. ofΒ  purified h2o

***[1:3c. ratio]***

flavoring of choice:

〰️pumpkin pie seasoning

〰️vanilla bourbon flavor

〰️  liquid stevia

if i have:
〰️collagen peptides


〰️hemp seeds

βœ–οΈΒ place nuts in a bowl and cover with water and soak over night (yes, soak our nuts)

βœ–οΈdrain the water

βœ–οΈin a blender add the 2c. of nuts and the 6c. of water. blend well.

βœ–οΈgrab a nut milk bag or cheese cloth and strain your milk.


βœ–οΈput your liquid back into the blender and add your flavorings and misc. ingredients. (as little or as much as your heart desires)

βœ–οΈenjoy πŸ₯›

please share your nut milk recipes and if you like, follow, i have more things brewing. like, what to do with all that left over almond cashew pulp you now have.


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