The Doctor Prescribed Me…

more days like these.

im a Doctor …just like Dr. Drake Ramoray.

(if you don’t know that reference you do not belong here.)

good morning! its shley:thirty! ⏰

not much beats a fantastic girls day.

last saturday my best friend (we will call her T) and i did all the things… let me break it down.

T is participating in sober January so we decided to partake in all the healthy fun!

(why am i not? commitment issues. before you start calling me an alcoholic, don’t, i don’t need that kind of negativity.)

we got our sweat in at spin class and per usual avocado toast at the source cafe followed. avocado toast connoisseur right here.. i mean just look at it. *drools on keyboard*

after our lunch date we picked up all the supplies we needed to make homemade candles  (not pictured because first round is practice, duh. next time.)

but that’s not all…


i am an ear cleaning virgin… in the sense ive never had them professionally clean or

have never preformed ear voodoo. or i guess more commonly known as ear candling. (dont worry i know my way around a q-tip.)

let me tell you ear candeling is a trip! after i got over the initial fear of burning my face and the sound of poprocks in my ear. when it was all said and done i felt lighter (could be just me) and i could hear things clearly now that the wax was gone 🎶.

watched banger sisters (goldie hawn, do i need to say more) while we sipped on our

Lavendar Blueberry Kombucha Mocktail 

  • The Bu Lavendar Komuchakombucha
  • fresh blueberries
  • lemon
  • fresh mint

too easy to make!

there’s still more!! like, how we made cashew cheese (so we could recreate the above avocado toast at home, yes we are addicted), as well as bbq chicken pizza on a sweet potato crust for dinner.

ill stop here, i think you are getting the picture.

all im saying is these days are so important, they are rejuvenating and good for the soul! it was an overall great day of health, beauty and pampering.

we can be so wrapped up in all we have going on, we over commit ourselves (i know i do) that we forget the importance of taking care ourselves.

i hope this inspires you to grab your friend and have a day!

share if you try the mocktail or if you have one of your own so we can try.


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