Badass (Boss) Babes Unite!

good morning fellow boss babettes, its shley:thirty!⏰

wanted to show some respect and love for two of my favorite badass boss babes. if you’re in need for some inspiration in:

  • creative
  • entrepreneurial
  • chicness
  • design
  • health
  • beauty
  • fitness

i have got the girls for you.

these two ladies are where i draw inspiration.

i want to share because i support these ladies. there is room for all of us in this space(world) we all have different styles, vibes, frequencies, whatever you want to call it that speaks to everyone differently.

(in my opinion) they have two very unique styles that both speak to me. they have developed and honed their craft and built their brand. such boss badassery. let me dive in to why these two are ones to check out (if you haven’t, are living on a remote island, and if you are… can i get an invite? sounds like a nice place to visit. )

moving on…

*drum roll*

first up, Claire Marshall (@heyclaire).

she is my OG, i started following her on Youtube years ago, am i going to say about maybe 5 years ago (that might be off a little) but i remember when she had this youtube series of mini makeovers in the car(haute wheels)… is this ringing a bell πŸ›Ž to anyone?

anywho, ive watched the evolution(growth) of Claire and her work, she just gets better and better. Probably one of the most influential people for me. Ive always enjoyed her content and how its evolved with her.. at first it was primarily beauty tutorials and beauty related but her creativity and production of her content has reached new heights and i think she does youtube better than most. shes authentic and not afraid to be real and open with her followers, to take a step back or take a break when creatively not inspired. she has integrity, instead of putting content out just put content out she makes sure its at a level that represents her brand and image and thats why i feel shes maintained and grown her follower base.

plus she has the best pet child @bruciferlee 😼 hes like hooman in cat form.


Mrs. Lauryn Evarts-Bosstick (aka @theskinnyconfidential)

this girl is the pinnacle of being more than just a pretty face. (i hope that comes out the right way, because i mean it as a compliment) shes is the mastermind behind The Skinny Confidential brand, which encompasses a blog, book, youtube channel and a podcast. this girl does it all and while doing facial massage πŸ’†πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.

i am a fairly new fan(addict) and cant get enough! she’s your go to for best practices for reducing facial swelling, spa treatments,Β  quick and easy health recipes, and if you’re into skinny spins on meals and the color pallet of pink, white and black call to you then she is speaking your lingo! I thoroughly enjoy the podcast she does with her husband theres an element of realness and very relatable. i just want to be her best friend, i feel like we have the same smart uncensored sense of humor.

shes also half of the dynamic duo blogdoo, “website witch doctors”, that not only help out fellow bloggers with free tips and tricks on their instagram (@blogdoo) but if you are looking to work with them to remedy whatever illness in plaguing your blog, then visit their website, .

go visit their socials, you wont be disappointed.. these girls have been around and clearly have the secrets to lasting power and what their followers are looking for. they know the internet language and what it takes, these boss babes are role models in every sense.

claire is edgy, artsy and transparent (which again is a compliment) when it comes to work, shes the first to get on youtube and tell you that things are not always rainbows and butterflies. & Lauryn is a girls girl, she’s the girl you want to go with to a yoga or pilates class and then go to brunch and sip on a skinny margarita or rose champagne.

who motivates, inspires, influences you?


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