Skincare Tips, Tricks and Tools

dont worry im not going to scar you with images of menstrual blood on my face like a face mask… ew. anyone else see that go viral on facebook. im pretty sure it was a hoax, dear lawd please let it be a sick hoax. i dont care how sound or logical any evidence might be, there are some lines that just arent meant to be crossed.

good morning, its shley:thirty! 

today i want to share some tools and tricks that i have up my sleeve for my skincare routine lately. ive really seen some improvements in my skins texture and overall behavior since ive started using these products.

now before you watch, i warn, this video may be awkward to watch and i say that because i felt awkward filming. some are naturals in front of the camera, lets just say it did not feel natural. ive watched many youtubers and they make it look so easy and effortless, well its not easy and its not effortless, so kudos.

but i decided id face the fear (of recording and posting) and do it anyways.

ice roller: an ice roller gives you the benefits of facial massage with cool temperatures. cold temperatures lead to constriction in the skin, thus resulting in a shrinking effect in the appearance of pores, creating a smoother and more even toned skin. the cooler temperature can also soothe inflammation and irritation for those with sensitive skin. since an ice roller generates a constricting effect it is beneficial to use after applying serum  or at the end of your skincare routine.

derma rolleror microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves using fine needles to create small puncture wounds in the top layer of skin. not as painful or scary as it sounds. it reduces fine and deep wrinkles, reverses sun damage and pigmentation, shrinks pores and overall helps aging. like i said the biggest concern here is making sure to properly clean and sanitize.

feather flamingo: trust me shaving your peach fuzz is a game changer and so easy! i hear friends getting their face waxed or the stash waxed (yes, females do wax their stash) but why when you can do this so easily. im not going to lie here either its mildly addicting. dont know why but it is. i shave down along side my cheekbones (from ear to mouth, similar to contouring) and my forehead, and my chin. i get shave happy, i also will touch up my brows if im feeling confident but nothing major, just the squirly outer end hairs.

tiaki face serum: all natural, fragrance free. with collagen (im obsessed), marula seed oil, rosehip oil and argan oil. not oily or greasy, skins drinks it in and absorbs beautifully. lightens up dark spots and good to use daily and before makeup application.

collagen peptides: i have to take a minute and praise vital proteins, ive tried other collagen products and so far vital has proven to be top quality. its soluble in both hot and cold liquids so i never have clumps lingering behind. highly recommend. the benefits of collagen is quite long if you have some time, do your research. collagen is a nutrient found in our bodies, by taking collagen you are improving gut health, hair, skin and nails while also strengthening joints, ligaments and tendons.

collagen is your fountain of youth. take your collagen and limit sun exposure (i know i love the sun but the skin does not, its the number one aging element).


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