My Tips To Handle Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks, oh my!

Have you ever landed on someone’s Instagram and you don’t know how you got there. Well you do, you just spent the last thirty minutes falling through some downward spiral of jumping from one Instagram to another. And now you’re on your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s page, and you’re scrolling deep, like real deep and you…….. DOUBLE TAP! And there’s no coming back from that so you start owning that shit and making it rain double taps, fuck it ill just start following her so it looks like i meant to do that.


Yeah me either…

Good Morning, it’s Shley:Thirty!⏰

I want to tell you my top tips on how i manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

For starters ill just tell you my story real quick. Id have to say anxiety has been fairly new to me in the sense it really just started to affecting me a few years ago. about 24 years old, maybe 23, i really started to have episodes. My anxiety never happens in the morning or during the day it always hits me at night before bed, am i alone?

I lay down and all the sudden its like my mind is off to the races, next thing you know im spiraling (similar to my Instagram example) and now its 3 AM, now 4 AM, why cant i sleep? All i want to do is sleep. The longer i go not getting sleep the more i panic because if i don’t sleep then i wont be rested tomorrow and ill screw up at work, i wont be at my best, ill get fired… Oh yeah talk about jumping to conclusions… No matter how crazy, they seem so real and justified. And i cant calm down. I just get more and more tense, my body tenses like its going through trauma and I just keep telling myself relax but i am doing the complete opposite. Then its 6 AM and time to get up, oh look you didn’t sleep. I remember struggling with insomnia for days my last semester in college and going to urgent care basically in tears asking for help because all i wanted to do was sleep and to not be so anxious.

But i knew that i wanted to find a better way to manage this, to not be dependent on pills. To have control over my mind.

Tip #1: Meditation


I am not kidding. I used to be a BIG OL’ skeptic about meditation, i thought it was a bunch of nonsense, ill just fall asleep if i try anything like that. Well, id be lying if i said i’ve never fallen asleep from meditation but then again i was listening to a guided sleep meditation. So, the meditations i listen too are always guided, i am not at the level where i trust myself to meditate solo. Knowing me ill just be sitting there thinking and spiraling and not actually getting what i should out of the time i am spending. Now some common myths about meditation is that you have to completely clear your mind and think of nothing, nope nope nope not going to happen. It’s impossible. The point of meditation for me is mindfulness, it helps me gain perspective and relax. I realize everything is manageable and my mind has the power on how to asses and handle situations. It’s like it gives you the ability to look at the 360 degree world point of view, instead of a narrow lens perspective. Have i lost you?  Practice, practice, practice and I am almost positive it will help you, if you haven’t tried. After all, what do you have to lose? Stress…anxiety…panic attacks…

Tip #2: Natural Calm by Natural Vitality

Basically natures xanax. I was introduced this by boss babe, Lauryn Evarts. When i

IMG_1516was going through my insomnia real bad i did tons of research into natural ways to fight insomnia and one of them was increase in magnesium. So i didn’t just get magnesium pills but i got magnesium oil spray too that supposedly helps by spraying on the back of knees and bottom of feet (DON’T DO IT. IT’S A MESS AND LEAVES A RESIDUE AND GETS YOUR SHEETS ICKY). Yet in my research how this gem never showed i don’t know.  To me it works like a dream, now if you are expecting the power of a xanax then this wont be your cup of fizzy delight. I drink this normally at the end of my night pretty daily, around bedtime and it just… calms me.

Tip 3: Schedule/ Routine.

Hear me out. So you might be wondering how this helps. A morning and nightly routine helps keep the stress away which in turns helps keep all the rest that come with it at bay. Now i am human so sometimes i slip up on my morning and nightly routines, but the days i do them i feel far more productive, confident and calm.


-try real hard to keep your phone away from your bed for two reasons.

  1. less temptation to look at your phone before you sleep (which can mess with your sleep pattern) and if you are one of those that wake up in the middle of the night and have a tendency to look at your phone (cough cough, me). 
  2. when your alarm goes off in the morning you are 99% less likely to hit the snooze button because by the time you get out of bed and walk to your phone, you’re awake. 
  • I get up and i avoid my phone after turning off the alarm.
  • I wash my face, do my skincare routine, definitely ice roller because hello puffer fish face
  • i do some stretchingbecause i wake up stiff as a board (definitely not light as a feather though, guess the reference..)
  • Then a five minute guided meditation 
  • Then a list of my seven intentionsthat have for that day, what i want to get accomplished (personally & professionally)

then i carry on with coffee, breakfast and get ready for the day.

Night: less intense.

  • night time skincare routine
  • guided sleep meditation



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