Where have you been?!?


Good Morning, it’s Shley:Thirty

Well, long time no nothing.

I know i know… Where to start.

(If you want to scroll down and skip the saga and go straight to the juice, please do)

My intention when i started this blog was to never abandon it and be consistent. It was my baby and i was (am) super excited about it. Consistency is 🔑 after all. I wanted to do two posts a week, then realized that was a little ambitious for myself personally (i am someone who works a full time job Monday – Friday and occasionally weekends as well). So, then i negotiated myself down to one post a week.

Then, shit hit the fan.

Life just became somewhat unmanageable and i felt overwhelmed with work, other responsibilities and commitments. I felt like i was just keeping my head above water so sadly with great disappointment Shley:Thirty took residence on the back burner. This past month I’ve been dodging life’s curve ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 or attempting too until one hit me and knocked me off my feet. So while in the process of dealing with that, I decided that i needed to bring back something into my life that i do that makes me happy.


My two-month-in-New-Years-resolution or whatever i want to call it, is BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT. It can’t be this hard, right? I know I’m not alone in the multiple job, extracurricular commitments and responsibilities department so i need to get it together and find a balance like so many do.

Social Media loves to show me all the women that have their shit together, juggling empires and families and here i am just trying to get it together enough to post a blog once a week. But, I am a human and i will offer up as much transparency as i can. I have days where i hit all my marks; morning routine, work, workout, eat healthy, read my book of the month, meet up with friends and let me tell you, those days… those days even Queen B would be impressed. Other days (more than id like to admit) i am scrambling to get out the door at the right time, not forget my gym bag and oh wait i didn’t put deodorant on…again.

Well, this is where i hope i can use my new found time management tools and any advice you guys (yes, you reading this,  help a girl out) can offer up.

What are these tips? and why should i listen to you? you can’t even remember your deodorant. 

Touche. But if you are struggling like myself, why not be in this together… Two is better than one, three is better than two.. you get where I am going. I mean that’s why its always better when trying to get fit to have a workout buddy. Someone to help keep you in check and vibe each others energy.

Moving on…

time cubeTip 1:Time block or time cubing. Tomato..tomato.. (i know you said it two different ways)

This is something ive noticed multiple times mentioned by boss babe, Lauryn Evarts. If it works for her, then.. come on. I just received mine about a day ago. FYI batteries not included. But basically its a cute little cube timer, that will help you block out time for whatever activities your heart desires. Now, you might be thinking, why not use the timer on your phone???  Because my will power is lacking and if i have my phone in reach…  i will reach and lose a good 10..15..20.. who knows what worm hole i can be sucked into and boom now I’m behind. My phone will remain somewhere out of arms reach and my handy cube will let me know when i can take a break. I even have a five minute option so i can “block” my break. This way i control my time instead of letting it get away from me.

Leading into my next tip…

Tip 2:Moment app

You want a good slap in the face, download this app and see how much time you are actually on your phone a day… Warning: the truth is a little nauseating. Maybe it’s just me. But what better way to get my time management under control then with a lovely dose of reality. It’s truly baffling how disconnected we have become by trying to be more connected. I am super guilty of unconsciously and consciously being on my phone for every little thing. Sometimes scrolling mindlessly on social media and other times randomly looking things up that pop into my head.. Google is my biggest frenemy. A great asset when needs be but don’t you dare google symptoms, youll find yourself on a downward spiral and self diagnosing yourself with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious disease.

Tip 3:(Oldie but a goodie) Journaling

I believe in my last post on my tips for dealing with anxiety, stress and panic attacks  i mentioned intention setting in my morning routine. Well it’s constant battle and yes, anxiety and stress have made their way back into my head and I’ve fallen off my wagon. So, like most things in life i have to get back on the horse and keep going.

Now when i mention journaling i am not necessarily referring to a “Dear Diary” format but whatever floats your boat. Basically, for me, i want to get back to journaling my intentions for the day, week, month and any stream of consciousness that i’m feeling at the moment. Set an outline of how i am going to accomplish my tasks for the day, who needs to be involved, who do i need to call, notify, etc, as well as track my mental temperature. Mental health is something that i think is still taboo in our world, if you speak of it your cookoo or imbalanced but truthfully we are so over stimulated, over worked, and pushed to reach these ever growing standards that i don’t understand how we couldn’t be struggling at one point or another.

So onward with my new found motivation to better time management!! Better time management to accomplish the things i need to do and the things i want to do.

Give this post a like if you feel like any of this could help you or you just enjoyed my rambles.

Comment if you have anything to add because you can never have too much tips and tricks in your arsenal.

Thank you for stopping by!


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