Shley Who?

hey fam. 

im shley(or birth-given name ashley). just a mid twenties woman working towards boss babe-dom.

if you ever played pong, the old school cell phone game, with the ball and two bricks that slide back and forth to bounce the ball(you know like physical pong)… still with me?

well, this blog has been that ball in my mind for years… id bounce back and forth thinking of all the reasons why i shouldn’t do this, then back to all the reasons why i should!

well finally i grew tired of this mental game of pong and pulled the trigger.

welcome to shley:thirty!

a creative space to share all the things i love, like skincare, makeup (these two i hoard like gold), health and fitness (im no stranger to a happy hour though, balance) and many more!

i work in marketing and hustle the nine to five grind, so this is my outlet..

but i would find it VERY BORING if this blog was all about me so please share and connect. this is an open no judgement space to empower females to be authentic be-you-tiful souls while on your own journey to boss babe-dom💫


to clue you in, shley was a nickname given to me by a best friend of mine years ago and well it stuck like glue. back then my friends were not too pleased when we would have sleepovers and i would be up at 730 in the morning…okay maybe 630… what can i say ive never been a real sleeper in-er… thus shleythirty was born.

heads up:

  1. i will not be everyone’s shot of whiskey.
  2. i am a bit uncensored.
  3. my humor is kind of R-rated.

if that sounds like your style then, cheers!